Production process

Analysis and soil preparation

Bearing in mind the very important initial phase of the preparation of the land for planting, POLLINO AGRAR gives great importance to soil analysis, which is done in cooperation with relevant institutions and institutes in the country and abroad.

By this approach, we ensure that the chemical composition is satisfactory and in accordance with safety standards.

Also, machine preparation of the soil plays a major role, which later significantly facilitates the setting of equipment and planting in ideal conditions.


Selection of planting material

A key factor in raising modern plantations is the careful selection of planting material, which has forced us, together with renowned experts, to deeply analyze and follow world trends as well as to visit the best European nurseries. By this approach, we provided high quality, proven and certified virus free seedlings for our plantation.


Implementation of state-of-the-art equipment

By carefully selecting appliances for the protection and production of apples, we have created one of the most modern orchards, modeled on the most famous manufacturers in Europe. Given the changing weather conditions and frequent bad weather conditions, we decided to protect the orchard with anti-hail nets.

In addition to hail, strong sun rays are known to be a problem which negatively reflects on the quality of the fruit and yield, so such a system of protection has become necessary.


Irrigation and fertilization system

A great advantage is provided by a secure irrigation system (drop by drop), which effectively eliminates the risk of drought, and each plant receives an accurate amount of water that it needs depending on the soil moisture analyzes. Analyzes are done on a daily basis using a tensiometer that gives us real values and state of the soil in an orchard. Also important is the preparation of soil and fertilization that can be done, in this case, through the irrigation system.


Integral chemical protection

Choosing the treatment moment, based on the tracking of pathogens and harmful insects, and the rational use of the preparations are the key to a quality apple production. The proper selection of preparations, taking into account compliance with all international standards, and taking into account the withdrawal and maximum residue levels of the preparations, contributes to the preservation of ecosystems, useful insects and humans in certain pheno-phases of the plant.


Chemically and manually fruit spacing

The aim of the chemical fruit spacing is to leave on the branch a certain number of fruits that will grow into the first class, ie it will have color, quality, size and varietal characteristic. Also, when selecting the product, consideration is given to respecting international standards.

The manual spacing has the aim of correcting the chemical spacing, that is, removing excess fruits that have not been removed by chemical spacing.


Determination of the moment and organization of harvesting

Depending on the variety and the time of ripening, and using modern technologies, laboratory analysis of the fruits, the moment of harvest is determined. Fruit size, color and health conditions are the most important factors when harvesting.