The planting project takes place in several stages, and only in the first two years around 85,000 apple seedlings will be planted on an area of 20 hectares. In order to achieve the highest quality and higher yield, POLLINO AGRAR, in cooperation with renowned Italian manufacturers, purchased planting material and provided the necessary expert support and consultations.

Already well-known Granny Smith, Golden and Red Delicious, Fuji and Gala are the varieties that will be grown in this orchard, in accordance with the Global GAP standard and applying the most modern technology.


Plans for future development in this sector envisage diversification of activities on the activities of processing and distribution of produced agricultural products.


Anti-hail network over the plantation will preserve the quality of the genus in cases of possible natural disasters. The administrative building, warehouse, warehouse, hangar for agricultural machinery are the accompanying contents of this modern fruit plantation.


All necessary infrastructure equipment is provided, two wells are built and equipped for the most modern kappokap system, with sensors and meteo stations, which daily provide an optimal amount of water.


After each harvest, apples will be packaged in the already known “POLLINO” Box pallets, which since 2013 are produced for the first time in this region under the auspices of our company POLLINO PLAST d.o.o.


Apples from this orchard will be available on the domestic market, but will also be placed in the EU as well as in Russia, which with a demand of more than a million tons annually, is the world’s largest importer of apples.